Prior to 1978, insulation was not mandatory. So if your home is more than 25 years old, chances are it’s not insulated. If this is the case, you may be finding it both difficult and expensive to keep your home warm in winter, and cool in summer.

Auckland Insulation Services use only top quality branded insulation products; products that we trust and know will suit your needs perfectly. It can take as little as just 2 hours to fully insulate a typical 3-bedroom home.

Pink Batts

For a home so comfortable you won’t want to leave.

If your home has mouldy ceilings and walls, a floor that feels cold and damp or a musty smell or feeling of dampness, then the signs are pointing to inadequate insulation. If you can clearly hear people in other rooms, then it is also likely you have inadequate noise control.

Both problems can be solved by installing Pink Batts or Pink Batts Ultra. These products work by trapping millions of tiny pockets of air to create an extremely effective barrier to both heat and sound transfer.


Expol Under-Floor Insulation is designed specifically for insulating between the joists of timber floor homes and buildings.

Expol flame retardant polystyrene panels are 1.2 metres long and 55mm thick and, when fitted snugly between the floor joists, will ensure your home is protected from extreme under floor temperatures changes.

Expol can easily be fitted into new or existing homes.


GreenStuf insulation is made from a non-irritant, dust free polyester which won’t cause skin or other irritations. Unlike some forms of insulation, GreenStuf will not deteriorate over time, is unaffected by mould, mildew or rot, and is resistant to vermin and insect attack.

GreenStuf thermal and acoustic insulation is suitable for all residential and commercial properties and is available in a full range of sizes and thermal ratings to suit all conditions.


Knauf’s Earthwool glasswool insulation for walls, ceilings, and under floor designed for the NZ climate. Earthwool glasswool ‘traps’ air and slows down convection, reducing heat loss and gain.

Knauf Insulation provides a range of products to suit NZ’s construction methods to improve the comfort and the energy efficiency of the building.

We use Pink Batt, Autex Greenstuf and Expol – NZ manufactured products.

We use local products that are durable, safe, environmentally friendly and designed to make any environment the most comfortable it can be. Pink Batts has insulation products licensed by Environmental Choice New Zealand. Pink Batts insulation has an ongoing programme to reduce its impact on the environment, helping to preserve our environment for present and future generations.

GreenStuf insulation products are made from only polyester fibres so they remain fully recyclable at the end of their lives. GreenStuf products are manufactured under a Zero Waste policy and using a low-energy production process, putting them among the most environmentally-friendly insulation solutions on the market.

Rental property requirement in Auckland

Insulation is now a rental property requirement in Auckland.

All residential rental properties are required to have insulation installed to help keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer.

Landlords are responsible for making sure installation is installed in rental homes to meet the Residential Tenancies Act requirements. They are also required to provide an insulation statement showing the location, type and condition for any insulation in the home for any new tenancy.

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